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The Brief introduction of Baohe Foreign Language Experimental Primary School

Founded in Sep, 2009, Baohe Foreign Language Experimental Primary School (shortly as BHFLEPS), which under the management of Education & Sports Bureau of Baohe District, shall be the first state-owned foreign language primary school in the city of Hefei. The school nestles on the scenic riverside of Nanfei Rive and plays as part of public services for the community of Yuan Yi Bai Zhuang. It covers the area of 16.5 Mu (1Mu = 0.0667 Hectares) and about 6,305 m2 of the land is employed for building. It has grown into a school with 16 classes across 6 grades from Grade 1 to Grade 6, and there are 42 teachers and 758 students in the school’s daily operation. What’s more, the school has also invested in building extra-curricula activities places such as Music Room, Dancing Room, Library, IT Training Room, Scientific Laboratory, Fine Art room, as well as Multi-media Reporting Room and Meeting Room, etc, and the equipments in these places shall be state-of-the-art.

      The school, under the guiding principle of High Level, High Standard, Innovative Ideas & New Thinking Model, follows a characteristic way to manifest itself as a school with famous teachers, excellent courses and international culture. The school is dedicated to organize its education on the basis of morality growth, and taking great efforts to incubate a high quality campus culture, which can be featured as School of Liberal Arts, School of Digitals, School of Eco-Balance and School of Health.

Currently, the school is taking initiative in its cultural education activities by putting  forward its refined core value, Keeping Eyes over World & Sowing Love over Campus, and the goal of education, Chinese Youngsters & World Citizens, aiming at broaden the horizon of its students to international affairs. This means students in the school, besides being clearly understood of our own culture and finely behaved in accordance with our national spirits, also have to bear in mind the development of the world, and put emphasis on our education goal of young world citizens. At the same time, teachers and students shall both keep the education of love as the first priority of school education and study activities, and make it to be the starting point and general stance of the school work.  Moreover, the school now is taking efforts in environment design of the material scenery with the great help from Education & Sports Bureau of the district, and planning to build a school cultural gallery at earlier stages with the following several themes, Bright Spots of National Civilization, Exotic Customs, The Universe of Arts, and The kingdom of Scientific Technology.

Over the past several years, the school has been awarded a list of glorious honors, such as, Juveniles Ideology & Morality Development Model School of Anhui Province, Civilized Unit of Hefei, Top Home Tutor School, Peace Campus, Model School of Ruling under the Law, Excellent Education Research Team, Education Pioneer Unit, Model Headquarter of Young Pioneers Group, Characteristic School of Baohe District and Advanced Scientific Research Unit. Edited by Sep. 2013



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